Curious about bitcoin? Been wanting to ask...

  • What is bitcoin and why is it relevant in the modern economy?
  • Who issues bitcoin and who has control over its supply?
  • What is bitcoin mining?
  • What are currently popular use cases for bitcoin and what are potential ones?
  • Why would I want to use bitcoin anyway?
  • How can I start using bitcoin?
  • What are the risks of using bitcoin?

Come and see Wojciech Rzadkosz for an informal introduction to bitcoin if you would like to find out the answers to those questions - and more! 

People have used some form of money from the earliest days; sea shells, gems, precious metals and more recently, cash, have all been used as currency.

In more recent times banking institutions have gained control over issuance of currency. While there are many benefits to such arrangements, (arguably) stable economy for example, some argue that it puts too much power in the hands of a few.

Bitcoin is a trustless, peer-to-peer electronic cash system which doesn’t require a third party to issue or distribute its native currency, nor process payments. Instead it utilises a globally distributed network of incentivised computers, coupled with highly secure cryptography, to address all fundamental challenges of a monetary system - effectively making a big part of what banks do today obsolete.

Wojciech is an engineer and a cryptocurrency enthusiast. He joined Grow @ GP in search for a nest for his company focusing on developing autonomous trading algorithms leveraging the volatile nature of cryptocurrencies. Prior to his current occupation he was providing consulting services to automotive OEMs in the UK.